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  1. Backyard Wonderland

    With these uncertain times and social distancing our Backyard Adventureland was designed and constructed to allow all to escape to a place that only your imaginations can limit in your back yard!

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  2. Bunkhouse in the Woods

    The homeowners wanted a separate space for when the grandchildren visit. This deluxe bunkhouse features 4 bunks with built in lighting, charging stations and its own heating/cooling for year round use

  3. 1850 Barn Overhaul

    This project transforms the original charm and elements from an existing barn from the 1850's and brings it up to today’s standards and design.

  4. The Carriage House: Classic Cars and Coastal Design

    A custom built carriage house on Governors Island. First floor guest space is designed to reflect a coastal design style. A well-lit garage above houses the client's collectible cars.