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  1. Modern In-Law Suite

    The homeowner’s dream of a private yet accessible space for visiting family and friends was achieved in a cost-effective, efficient and above all beautiful fashion.

  2. Portsmouth Pied-A-Terre

    This compact renovation transforms a 1980’s hotel rental into a stylish pied-a-terre in downtown Portsmouth. The resulting open floor plan contains all the features of a custom home in a small space.

  3. Old Home New Roots

    This gorgeous open-concept kitchen-dining room was created by restructuring the garage of an 1890's Colonial home. The adjacent barn was also re-purposed to allow for a fully functioning garage.

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  4. Transformed for a Growing Family

    A cluttered space transformed for a growing family.

  5. Simple to Stately

    A simple ranch became this stunning beauty with the artful addition of a second floor and creative renovation of the first floor. Two porches and façade changes give the house stately curb appeal.

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